Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials

Sputtering targets in all popular geometries.

Refractory ceramics utilizing a variety of fabrication techniques.

Evaporation materials in different shapes and sizes.

Sputtering Targets

High Purity Sputtering Targets are manufactured in all popular geometries including planar, circular, rectangular, ring, delta, conical, and custom configurations. These materials are either vacuum melted, e-beam melted, hot pressed, or sintered. Equipment Support Company vacuum melts pure metals and custom alloys from 50 lb to 2500 lb ingots. The ingots are double melted to ensure proper alloying. Test samples are extracted from various locations of the ingot to guarantee the purity and homogeneity.

Vacuum Hot Press.

Powder Metallurgy

ESC utilizes a variety of material compacting techniques for refractory ceramics including oxides, nitrides, borides, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, carbides and composite materials. These process techniques include vacuum hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing, cold isostatic pressing, and cold press sintering. Targets can be manufactured from 1/8" size pellets to 18" diameters. Finished targets are typically diamond surface ground or machine lapped to final thickness.


Evaporation Materials

Equipment Support Company U.S.A. Inc. offers evaporation materials in many different shapes and sizes to best fit your e-gun pocket, coil, boat, or hearth liner. The typical geometries include pellets, tablets, rods, slugs, starter sources, granulars, wires, cones, powders and foils.